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How little do you know about the secrets of the car wheels?

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新闻摘要:The upgrading of wheels is the first step in the pursuit of personalized owners to create their own unique car. However, in the face of a wide variety of various types of wheels, but also made a difficult, do not know where to start. In fact, as long as y

How little do you know about the secrets of the car wheels?

    Upgrading wheels is the first step in the pursuit of personalized owners to create their own unique car. However, in the face of fragmentation, a wide range of various types of wheels is difficult, I do not know where to start. In fact, as long as you understand the hidden secrets behind the wheels, the troubles of overwhelming will be wiped out.


  18*8JET45, 5*114.3, 57.1FORGED This is a complete data logo of a wheel hub. This large number of seemingly disorganized alphanumeric letters is indeed somewhat confusing, but it contains the basic knowledge necessary to upgrade the wheel hub. In fact, you only need to understand the following terms and you will remove the confusion.

Tire ring diameter:

  Popularly speaking, it is the diameter of the hub, in inches. The players who play rim revamping pursue the aesthetic concept of “big beauty”. The large-size wheels can bring more impactful visual effects while improving the overall texture of the vehicle. In addition to aesthetics, larger-sized wheels also have a more practical role. They can not only install tires with a lower ratio of flatness to improve vehicle handling, but also can accommodate larger brake systems to meet higher braking needs. . However, special attention should be paid to the fact that there are usually more masses coming with larger hubs.

Fetal diameter:

      The width of the hub ring is the width of the hub and the unit is also inch. The different tire widths of the hubs need to be fitted with tires of different widths. For example, a tire with a tire width of 225 mm to 245 mm is most suitable for 8”.
      Generally, there are J, JJ and other English letters after the width of the tire, which means the shape and height of the hub flange. In addition to J, JJ, according to the height of the hub flange, there are JK, C, K, etc. The lowest, K is the highest. However, for purely upgraded wheels, the hub flange is not a factor that requires careful attention.


  Offset, also known as ET value. It refers to the offset distance between the mounting surface of the hub and the centerline of the hub, and the unit is millimeters mm. Offset is divided into three types: negative offset, zero offset, and positive offset. According to the distance between the hub mounting surface and the centerline of the hub, the positive offset to the outside direction and the negative offset to the inside of the rim, when the hub The mounting surface coincides with the centerline of the hub and is 0 offset.

    The smaller the hub offset, the larger the vehicle's wheelbase. However, under the premise that the tire width of the hub is constant, the smaller the hub offset is, the smaller the space inside the hub for accommodating the brake system will be correspondingly compressed. It may be affected if you want to install a large-sized brake system. In addition, unsuitable hub offsets may also cause adverse effects such as wheel hub interference with vehicle suspension systems, fenders, excessive wheel spacing, increased bearing loads, and abnormal wheel alignment data.

  We recommend that when refitting the hub, it is advisable to choose a product with a deviation of less than 5mm from the original offset data.

Pitch diameter P.C.D:

      The hub is screwed to the hub of the suspension system. The pitch circle diameter P.C.D indicates the number of screws used to fix the hub and the diameter of the pitch circle of the hub bolt hole. 5*114.3 represents the use of 5 screws with a pitch circle diameter of 114.3mm.

Center hole HUB:

      The diameter of the largest circular hole in the middle of the hub must not be missed when selecting a new hub. For hubs larger than this value, the center hole diameter must be the same to ensure the perfect dynamic balance by adding the central snare loop. Wheel hubs smaller than this value can expand the center hole by machining, but such operations require very high machining accuracy, and it is difficult to ensure the quality of machining in the absence of precision machining equipment.

Manufacturing process:

Aluminum alloy wheels generally use casting (CAST) and forging (FORGED) two manufacturing processes. Casting hubs are rich in style and relatively low in cost. At the same time, they are lighter and stronger than traditional steel wheels, and they are more cost-effective. Most aluminum alloy wheels currently on the market belong to casting wheels. Forged hubs have higher internal molecular densities and are not stable after high temperature processing. They have higher strength and lighter weight, but they are expensive and are mostly used in sports vehicles.


   Well, now we go back and look at the set of data at the beginning of the article, it is easy to understand: 18*8JET45, 5*114.3, 57.1FORGED This is a tire diameter 18 inches, fetal diameter 7j, offset +45mm, forged hub with 5 screws, 114.3mm pitch diameter and 57.1mm center hole.

About quality:

  The internationally accepted standards for wheel quality certification are mainly US DOT/SFI; Germany TUV/KBA; Japan VIA/JWL certification. Although the standards for wheel safety in various countries are not the same, a corresponding certification mark on the wheel hub indicates that the wheel has passed corresponding certification and can be used with confidence.

       The wheel offsets of the three tires with the same width of 7 inches on the left are -47mm, 0, and +10mm, respectively. The other data are exactly the same. It can be clearly seen from the comparison in the figure that the outermost side of the hub with the offset distance of -47 mm is the most convex and can obtain the largest track, but the space for the brake disc inside is only 1.65 inches; the rightmost offset is The hub with +10 is just the opposite. The hub bias of ordinary people's production vehicles is more than +30mm~50mm.