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How to adjust check the timing of the mechanical fuel pump

count:4502019-01-15 23:47:33 FROM: Guangzhou RuiXiao trade Co.Ltd

How to adjust check the timing of the mechanical fuel pump

In order to check and adjust the fuel supply advance angle, when manufacturing the diesel engine, the manufacturer generally marks the timing at the corresponding position of the diesel engine and the Mechanical fuel pump:

Mechanical fuel pump

 It refers to the fixed time line on the Mechanical energy pump coupling (or automatic advancer) and the oil pump bearing cover. Provided that the two lining lines are aligned, it is sure to end up being The time when the Mechanical gasoline pump starts to supply oil to the first cylinder;

 The individual identifies the engraved collection on the front end of the crankshaft. And a pointer on leading cover of the body;

For the multi-cylinder diesel engine,   the unloading advance position of the oil supply can be confirmed. The meshing mark of the Mechanical fuel pump and the corresponding transmitting gear may be aligned after the diesel engine can be overhauled,  Individual models also pay attention to the connection mark when installing the Mechanical gas pump.

1. Check the essential oil supply timing on the machine

 The timing of the oil supply could be inaccurate due to various conditions. In cases like this, it is necessary to check the timing of the essential oil supply.

(a) When one person swings the crankshaft to make the We cylinder piston in compression stroke (ie, there is a gap between the I actually cylinder inlet and the exhaust valve), when the fixed mark is just aligned with the energy advance angle mark on the flywheel or the crankshaft belt wheel, stop. Shake the crankshaft.

(b) For the 1st pump of the Mechanical gasoline pump to start the oil supply timing tag, check whether the fixed time line mark upon the coupling (or automated advancer) is reverse to the scribed indicate on the front end of the pump casing. If both marks are right, the fuel supply timing is appropriate; if the marking on the coupling has not yet reached the pump casing marking, the oil supply time is certainly too late; 

For the coupling and leading end of the pump casing, there is no scribed mark. At this time, the high pressure essential oil pipe of the Mechanical gas pump I should be taken out, and one individual should switch the crankshaft. When it is about to reach the position of the oil supply advance angle of the I cylinder, slowly crank the crankshaft. One person gaze at the essential oil level of the oil store of the I-cylinder wall plug valve. When the oil level has just moved upward, quit cranking the crankshaft and verify if the fuel supply enhance position on the flywheel or crankshaft tape wheel is opposing to its corresponding pointer ( For the convenience of future inspection, a set of timing marks could be added to the coupling and the pump casing.

How to adjust check the timing of the mechanical fuel pump

2, installed calibration calibration oil timing

 The fuel supply timing must be checked.

(a) Rotate the crankshaft clockwise so that the initial cylinder piston is at the energy supply start position before the top dead center of the compression stroke, that is, the fixed mark is usually aligned with the gasoline supply advance angle mark on the flywheel or the crankshaft belt wheel.

(b) Turn the fuel pump camshaft to ensure that the fixed period line mark upon the gas pump coupling (or automatic advancer) is definitely aligned with the score tag on the front end of the pump casing.

(c) Push the Mechanical energy pump forward so that the lug of the driven flange disc can be inserted into and engaged with the coupling. When tightening the two screws of the active flange disc and the intermediate flange disc, both flanges should be made. The "0" indicate on the disc is certainly aligned, to ensure that the gasoline supply advance angle of the diesel engine can be guaranteed.

3. Method of adjusting the timing of essential oil supply

 If the fuel supply advance position is found to be too small or too large, adjustments should be made. Common adjustment methods are:

(1) Rotating pump body adjustment

  There are 3 or 4 4 curved long holes on the triangular fixing plate and the flange. Use the above method to fix the Mechanical fuel pump. If the oil supply timing is not correct, basically loosen the corresponding three or four 4 repairing bolts, and rotate the pump body through the curved lengthy hole to change the oil supply progress angle.

When adjusting, the pump body is rotated by an angle against the rotation direction of the traveling wheel, so that the fuel supply advance angle could be increased; if the pump body is rotated along the generating wheel, the gas supply advance angle can be reduced.

(2) Rotating pump shaft adjustment

 When adjusting the essential oil supply advance angle, the two fixing bolts on the connecting plate could be loosened, and the energy pump camshaft can be rotated by one position to raise the oil supply enhance angle; when the reverse rotation direction is usually rotated by an angle, the oil could be reduced. Small oil supply progress angle. After adjustment, tighten the 2 repairing bolts on the linking plate.

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